Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible

1 & 2 Chronicles


5:2 = Why JESUS was of the tribe of Judah.

7:21 = first cattle rustlers in the Bible


David’s army – fighting, battle and war are mentioned 13 times in this chapter

Men of :  v  2  – Developed Dexterity

              v 18 – Declared Decision

              v 15 – Dauntless Determination

              v 32 – Dual Discernment

              v 38 – Determined Discipline

12:15 = Batak tribe of Palawan Island, Philippines, believed that the bad demons inhabited the valley and good spirits were on the ridges.

12:2 & 29 = some of David’s men had formerly been servants of his enemy.  We were servants of God’s enemy when He saved us!

CHAPTER 16 This entire Psalm breathed WORLD EVANGELISM!

16:29 = The greatest motive for missions: Our Lord DESERVES praise from every kindred, tribe, language and nation on the earth!

The psalm is repeated in Psalm 29 and Psalm 96.

25:1 = for the ministry of music, see notes at  Rev. 5:8.

28:9 & 29:19 = my prayer for my son Michael and all three GRANDsons!

29:21 = How much blood was shed?

Lamb approximately 1/2 gallon of blood

Bullock approximately 3 7/8 gallons of blood

Ram approximately 1 3/4 gallons of blood

The total amount of blood shed that day was 5,620 gallons of blood.  On the day Solomon dedicated the temple in 2 Chronicles 7:5 there were 265,140 gallons of blood shed.   Not all of that blood was enough to wash away one sin, Heb. 10:4.   

But the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me of ALL my sin!


The history of Israel from Solomon until the Babylonian captivity. 

Primarily focused on the Southern Kingdom of Judah.


5:13 = for the ministry of music, see notes at  Rev. 5:8.

6:33 =  “all the people of the earth” – THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS ON GOD’S HEART!

7:14 = “seek my face” NOT just my hand.

16:9 = God’s First Round Draft Choice “perfect heart” in context is reliance on God. 

(see Daniel 1:3 for the World’s choice.)

17:16 = the only thing we know of Zichri is that he “willing offered himself unto the Lord”!   

Not a bad legacy!  That would be enough for me.

20:2 = still a key question.  The answer is resounding NO.  “We are told to love our enemies, but never told to love God’s enemies!”

20:22 = for the ministry of music, see notes at Rev. 5:8.

30:12 =  “one heart” – singleness of heart and purpose.

“Blessed Lord, Give me one heart to love and serve you!”

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