Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible

1 & 2 SAMUEL

1 & 2 SAMUEL

1:22 = set goals for your children

1:27-28 = the verse that we used in the announcement of the adoption of our dear son Michael Dunaway Gordy, March 7, 1969

2:10 = God’s heart is for the whole world!

2:12 & 2:18 = the story of the raising of two children — Eli’s and Hannah’s

Same: day, school, church, environment, church, government, etc.

Different: parents, results

2:21 = Hannah got a 5 for 1 return for her son. Good return on any investment!

3:1 = “precious” means rare

3:4-5 = God only had to call one time and Samuel came running! God help me to be that responsive and obedient.

4:6-8 = Philistines had a wrong concept of God even though they knew about Him.

4:18 = Eli’s heart was broken before his neck.

(see 2:23-25) Cause is listed in 3:13

4:18 = what an inglorious end of a 40 year ministry!

Chapter 4-31 – the life of SAUL, The a picture of a man living in and for the flesh:

9:4 living for material things

9:6 goes to God for whatever he can get from Him

13:8 led by circumstances

13:11 justifies his misconduct

15:7-15 tries to find good in what God says is bad

tries to keep it by dedicating it to God

15:23 his problem is disobedience, not ignorance

31:4 the flesh always gets worse, not better

11:6 = Is righteous anger a fruit of the Spirit?

see Eph. 4:26


This is really the story of GOD and Goliath!

David never calls him a “champion” or even a giant.

We must learn to GAZE ON GOD and GLANCE AT GOLIATH!

V4-5 Goliath was six cubits and a span tall

he had six pieces of armor

his spear head weighed six hundred shekels

= six six six = he is typical of God’s enemy (see Rev. 13:18). And God’s enemy who still hates God’s people to this day!

v 4 = “6 cubits and a span” = Nine feet, six inches

v 5 = “5 thousand shekels of brass” = 156 pounds

v 7 = “6 hundred shekels of iron” = 19 pounds

We need to learn to GAZE ON GOD and only GLANCE AT GOLIATH!

V 8 = Goliath said they were only “Saul’s servants”. David had to remind them that they were “armies of the living God” v 26

v 11 = “greatly afraid” still one of the main reasons the world isn’t evangelized. see Matt 25:25, Ps 27:1, 56:3, 11

v 16 = 40 days

rain caused the Flood embalming Joseph

Moses on the mountain Spies in Canaan

Elijah fasted Ezekiel lay on his right side

Jonah preached in Nineveh Jesus fasted

Jesus after the resurrection to the ascension

NOTE the energy and zeal of youth –

v 17 run to the camp

v 20 rose up early

v 22 ran into the army

v 48 ran toward the army to meet the Philistine

v 51 ran and stood upon the Philistine

NOTE how many discouraged and disqualified David:

25 – soldiers, 28 – his brothers, 33 -Saul, 42 – Goliath

NOTE how many encouraged him —- not one, see 30:6

v 26 = God’s reputation was at stake in David’s eyes.

= looking up at a giant from the ground, he’s big. But David was looking from God’s perspective and looking down from above, he is not so big!

v 32 = Soldiers won’t fight but God’s servant will!

v 33 = “youth” David was 22 years old

Saul — “He’s too BIG to hit!”

David — “He’s too big to MISS!”

v 40 = the reason that David took five stones was because he did not trust his own ability.

v 49 = fell on his face because God hit him in the back of the head when David hit him in the forehead!

19:20 = never hurts to be caught in the right crowd, good company.

CHAPTER 21 = David operating in the flesh

21:2 & 8 = David is lying

22:2 – 23:13, 1 Chron. 12:22 note how David’s ranks grew

22:2 = we would have disqualified all of these! I’m glad God doesn’t.

23:28 = “Selahammah-lekoth” means “rock of divisions”. Our line between good and evil, right and wrong should be set in stone, not just a line in the sand!


11:1 = “time …to battle” Eccl 3:8

David got into trouble with another man’s wife when he “tarried still at Jerusalem” instead of going to battle. Christians still get into trouble when we are not in the battle!

11:8 = if you obey the Lord, His provisions will always follow

11:11 = the truth is, this was just a lot of spiritual talk to make excuse for not obeying his king’s orders!

11:16 = a good commander always knows where his enemy is strongest, and weakest. see Acts 5:41, 19:15

13:20 = David did nothing about Amnon’s sin so Absalom did. see 18:7

13:25 = Could David have prevented these murders by going with his son?

13:31 = too late and too little.

14:26 = six and 1/4 pounds of hair!

18:7 = all this from a father—son dispute.

19:22 = David acting in mercy, not vengeance = another reason he was called a man after God’s own heart

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