Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible

1 & 2 Timothy

2 Timothy 3:1

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

When I look at the situation that we are in America it scares me. Anyone who does not realize that we are in dangerous times (perilous 2 Tim 3:1), probably “does not understand the situation.” Watching the news and reading the newspapers is so gloomy and threatening that it makes us want to burry our head in the sand, cancel our subscriptions and cut off our cable.

Political events, economic expectations, social attitudes and spiritual conditions make me greatly concerned for my GRANDkids. “Truth, Justice and the American way” seem to be only the whimsical memory of a comic book character from our recent but all-to-soon forgotten past. All outward appearances indicate that our or beloved nation is coming apart at the seams.

Our political future is as bright as was Cuba’s in 1957 when a young, relatively unknown but very charismatic politician came on the scene promising “change”. Now, 50 years later, half of Florida is populated with a generation of people who can tell us of the nightmare that “change” brought!

Our cultural, , our way of life, our mores and traditions, our accepted customs and common beliefs if not completely crumbling are changing so fast we feel our security is like having our feet firmly planted on sinking sand. What is right is relative and what is wrong is an archaic concept.

Our society is hell-bent on self esteem and ‘positive thinking’. We cannot tell our children that 2 plus 2 does not equal 5 unless we do it in a ‘positive way’ that does not discourage them nor damage their self esteem. So we instead of criminals we have ‘law breakers’; instead of prisoners we have inmates. Even prisoners of war must be referred to as ‘detainees’; instead of penitentiaries we have ‘correctional institutions’ and prisoners are ‘inmates’.

Our financial standing as a nation as well as a family is as secure as it was on October 23, 1929, one day before the crash on “Black Thursday”. We have borrowed way to foreclosure. We have grown accustomed to a lifestyle purchased on plastic until we have come to realize that the ‘plastic company’ wants to be paid in cold, hard cash! Our dollar is worth less and our goods cost more. We are not only dependent on foreign oil but almost every other gadget and goodie we need to survive.

Spiritually, we have come to the place that the Beatles can confidently declare that “we are more popular than Jesus” and Obama can publically and proudly proclaim that we are “no longer a Christian nation”. Our children know more about Hannah Montana and who her father is than Hannah and who her son was. Because they were raised by a generation who knew more about Elvis than whether Elisha came before Elijah or after him. The Bible is not just banned from our public school but you would think that it had been banned from the local church!

How do we face these dangerous times?

v. 1 = KNOW

v. 5 = TURN AWAY



Look at Israel’s history in I Kings 11-17

Solomon – downhill in his life led astray by Godless wives

Rehoboam – stupid son

Jeroboam – introduced idolatry 13:33

Nadab – “did evil in the sight of the Lord” 15:26

Baasha – “did evil in the sight of the Lord” 15:34

Elah – assassinated in a drunken stupor 16:9

Zimri – 7 days of treason and suicide 16:18

Omri – “… did worse than all that were before him” 16:25

Ahab – “none like unto Ahab which did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up”! 21:25




BUT look at Elijah beginning in chapter 17

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