Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible

April 17, 2008


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“There are no disappointments to those whose will is buried in the will of God!”



January 17, 2008


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This blog contains material from my first book which is now out of print.




As the title implies, it was a collection of notes that I had gathered from reading, studying and listening to preachers and Bible teachers over a lifetime. Since it was published back in 1989, I have changed some of my notes, deleted some and added many more. I have changed but the blessed WORD OF GOD has not changed.

Because folks have asked about a “sequel” I have decided to try this blog format in arranging the additional materials I have gathered.

Remember that this is a work in progress and one on which I hope to be working until our Lord takes me home or until HIS bodily, visible, personal return to rapture His church.

One further note: I watched my Grandmother take careful notes on her church bulletin of every sermon she ever heard. I don’t know when I began imitating her but I’m still doing it 60 years later. Like hers, many of mine are on bulletins, envelopes and scraps of paper as well as in the margins of my Bibles. Some of them have the name of the person or book from which I gathered them and I’ve attempted to give credit where credit is due.

Help yourself!

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