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There are 260 references from GENESIS in 21 books of the New Testament.

GENESIS means “beginnings”. It is not just the story of the beginning of the universe and things in it. It is the story of the beginnings of God’s plan of salvation.

CHAPTER 1-11 = Cover 2,000 years and deal with many people and events. God told us everything He wants us to know about the first 2,000 years of our history. It is the story of man’s sordid past (sin – rebellion – judgment) and the rest of the Bible is about God’s eternal purpose of salvation and redemption.

CHAPTER 12-50 = Cover only 400 years and deal with only four men and their families: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. God chose one man, Abraham and made of him a great nation thru which He would reveal Himself and send His Redeemer!


The Ten Commandments of Creation = “…God Said,” >verses 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26, 28, 29

SEVEN times = God says “good” & Heaven is mentioned

SIX times = “…it was so.”

GOD is named 31 times, mentioned in all but 5 verses

The one phrase that the evolutionist cannot answer = “…after his kind“. Found NINE times.

Compare the First Creation here in Genesis 1 and the Second Creation in II Corinthians 5:17:

Began with nothing. (see Titus 3:5, Rom. 4:5)

Accomplished by God’s Word (see I Pe 1:23, Jn 5:24

Goal is the image of God (Rom 8:28-30)

1:22 = First Blessing in the Bible

1:26 = First mention of the Trinity (see Isa. 48:16, Gen 18:2, Matt 28:20, Lu 2:26, Jn 14:16-17, Col 2:2-3:4, I Pe 1:2)



Adam knew nothing but good until chapter 3.

Note God’s instructions are: BRIEF – CLEAR – DEFINITE

2:16-17 = God’s first words to man. Last words to man are in Rev 22:20

2:18 = First thing that God said is not good, for man to live alone

2:24 = God’s command to leave father and mother came before there even was a father and mother. Do you suppose God had to tell Adam and Eve what a father and mother was?


Satan’s tactics: Disguise – Divide – Destroy

Eve v 1 Listened -v 3 was Lured -v 3 Lied -v 6 Looked -v 6 Lusted -v 8 Lost

3: 3 = The first sin was lying!

3:6 = Sin’s appeal was to Body, Mind, Spirit. Jesus met and overcame each of these when tempted by Satan in the wilderness; see Matt 4:1-10, I Jn 2:16)

3:9 = God’s first question to man

3:10 = Man’s first recorded word to God. The last is found in Rev 22:20

3:18 = THORNS the Curse of man was the Crown of Jesus.


4:9 = Like his mother, Cain lied to God.

Like lost men still today, he then tried to cloud the issue.

5:2 = God gave them both the same name – Mr..& Mrs. Adam

The only way to form fossils is with a flood. A universal flood is the only explanation for the finding of fossils all over the earth.

see PSALM 29 “The Flood Psalm”

6:2 DOGIE BONE = who were the “sons of God”? what did this union produce?

6:15 = These are perfect barge proportions and dimensions.

There were 100,000 sq. ft. of deck space, equal to 520 railroad boxcars. All 18,000 different kinds of animals could live comfortably on one deck leaving the other 2 decks for food storage and Noah’s family.

7:11 and 20 = All the water in the earth’s atmosphere today could only produce rain for one hour and cover the earth’s surface one inch deep!

8:17 = The animals did not breed nor reproduce IN the ark but IN the Earth and UPON the Earth.

8:21 = “The Lord said in his heart…” We would never have known this if God had not told it by revelation… by DIVINE INSPIRATION!


10:25 = This is explained in modern science by the Continental Drift and illustrated in geology by the earth’s plates.

11:4 = LEST… So that we will not have to be obedient to God’s clear and repeated command in Gen 1:28 and 9:1!

11:7- 8 = This not only explains the origin of the diversity of languages but the way mankind was dispersed throughout the earth.

11:31 = Terah, the father of Abraham, apparently stepped out in faith on the command of Lord to populate the entire earth as stated in 1:28 and 9:1.

12:1 = Abraham had a special revelation, a special call from the Lord

12:2-3 = The rest of the Bible is about these two verses!

These verses are in the IMPERATIVE in Hebrew.


12:3 = “families” is used in Jer 33:24 and referr to two of the TRIBES of Israel.

12:10 = Instead of going to God in famine, Abraham went to Egypt. And when you go down to Egypt to trust the arm of flesh it is always DOWN, (see 13:1 he came UP). And then you get in trouble that will even affect others (vs 17-20).


13:5 = Lot should never have been with Abraham according to 12:1.

13:5 = “strife” the first of many consequences of disobedience to 12:1.

13:10 = “lifted up his eyes” because Lot walked by sight.

13:12 = note the progression spoken of in Psalm 1. His tent was toward Sodom but in 14:12 he lived in Sodom.

13:14 = God did not give Abraham title deed to the promised land until “after that Lot was separated from him”.

15:1 = the first time that “fear not” is mentioned in the Bible.

15: 6 = first mention that a man “believed in the Lord”

16:1-6 = Abraham serving God in the energyy of the flesh.

16:10 = first child named before birth

This is the origin of the Arabs.

17:1 = God’s covenant with Abrahm is sealed with seven seal – the seven “i wills” of verses 2-8

17:15 = SARAI means “contentious” SARAH means “princes of the race”

21:1 = Two must note phrases – “as He said…” “as He had spoken…” GOD KEEPS HIS WORD

CHAPTER 22 is the clearest picture of Calvary in the Old Testament – M. R. DeHaan

Isaac was a miraculous birth –foreshadowing the Virgin birth of our Lord

22:2 = Only son – John 3:16

Moriah was not only place of Isaac’s sacrifice but also the location of Calvary

22:3 = two young men – Jesus hung between two thieves

22:4 = 3 days; “dead man walking” – for those 3 days, Isaac was as good as dead in Abraham’s mind. Isaac was. Jesus was in the tomb 3 days.

22:6 = laid wood on Isaac – Jesus bore His own cross

33:6 = both, together, repeated in vs 8 – 2 Corinthians 5:19 “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself”!

22:9 = bound Isaac = Isaac went willingly with Abraham and there is no indication that he resisted in any way. Why bound? Only to prevent the natural reflexes of self defense. Jesus hands were nailed to the cross but did not need to be.


22:2 = To obey God’s command would cost Abraham: ambition -goals -plans -family -reputation -comfort

*BUT Abraham OBEYED!

22:7 = First mention of the LAMB

22:13 = “by his horns” so there would be no blemish


Chapter 23 = The only woman in the Bible whose age, death and burial is told.

Chapter 24 = Rebekah was not named in Hebrews 11 but I don’t know of a greater demonstration of faith in the Old Testament. She was called on to trust a man she had never met before; to leave her family she would never see again; marry a man she had never even seen! And she went – willingly!

Rebekah is also a pretty good type of the church in this chapter.

27:41 = This enmity is the root of the Arab\Israeli conflict.

see Psalm 83

28:15 = Strange company for God to keep!

30:27 = England is still a good illustration of what Laban had learned. They were blessed until they double-crossed and abandoned Israel!

31:16 = The best advice and support any wife could give her husband!

32:24 = see the note at Joshua 5:14

37:17 = 13 miles from Shechem to Dothan

41:42 = Joseph was given many new clothes for the two coats he had lost = God replaced his prison chains with a chain of gold.


42:21 = God used Joseph to make his brothers to face their sin for the first time.

44:25 = “our Father said Go…” enough reasons for missions! see 2 Cor 5:14

45:1 = See Joseph as a type of Christ in these chapters

v 1 = “no man with him…” Isa 63:1-6

v 2 = “wept aloud” Luke 19:41, Jn 11:35

v 3 = “troubled at his presence” 2 Tim 4:8, Psa 119:6

v 4 <-> v 9 = “come near” … “haste ye and go” no one will go to the field until he has first drawn near to Jesus.

v 7 = God sent me…”

v 11 = ” there will I nourish thee” Matt. 28:20

45: 9 = God’s servant (missionaries) in a foreign land, asking for help

45:18 = Pharaoh (men in heathen lands) asking for God’s servants to come

46:3 = God said GO!

45:11 = “THERE will I nourish thee…” 46:3 and I Ki 17:4

45:19 = in vs 9-11, Joseph is asking. In this verse Pharaoh is commanding.

45:20 = too many Christians are wasting their lives on their stuff

45:24 = Numbers 22:16

47:7 = God’s anointed is greter than any earthly king!


The sons of Jacob are typical of kinds fo people in the church:

3-4 – REUBIN Unstable, James 1:8, 4:8; Rev 3:16-17

5-7 – SIMEON AND LEVI Cruel, angry, selfish, Gen 34, I Cor 13:5, 6:19-20

8-12 – JUDAH =Leader, praiseworthy,

13 – ZEBULUN Haven in storms, Heb 13:2, I Tim 5:10

14-15 – ISSACHAR Servant, volunteers

16-18 – DAN Snake in the grass, Judges 18 He is omited in Rev 7 because he led Israel into idolatry

18 – First mention of SALVATION in the Bible

19 – GAD Overcomer I Cor 15:57

20 – ASHER Giver, one who shares

21 – NAPHTALI Gad about, talks too much, makes great promises

22-26 – JOSEPH Fruitful, soul winner, can’t say enough good about him

27 – BENJAMIN Snaps and snarls, never satisfied


24 – God of Abraham – Isaac – Jacob

This is some strange company for God to keep and be willing even to put His name among them. Abraham – deceiver; Isaac – liar; Jacob – cheat. Maybe it is because of who and what they represent:

Abraham speaks of revelation

Isaac speaks of redemption

Jacob speaks of regeneration

See also: Gen 50:24, Ex 3:6, 6:3, Matt 8:11, 22:32, Lu 20:37, Acts 3:13, 7:32


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