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Jesus is the I AM  31 Times In John’s Gospel.

The word BELIEVE is used 101 times in this Gospel.

The theme of the Gospel of John is = “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.” 20:31

There are references and allusions form 26 Old Testament books.

1:40-42 = Andrew “heard . . . found his own brother. .  brought him to Jesus. . .”  Pattern that should be followed today.


2:1-10 = this wine was non-alcholic. 

See Deuteronomy 14:26

2:16 = JOHN KNOX preached from this text on June 11, 1559 and launched the Scottish reformation.  I stood at the grave of John Knox on January 29, 1988 and prayed “Oh God, give me a the same zeal and steadfastness that you gave to John Knox!”

4:39 = The Samaritans did not believe on Him because of the disciples.  Did they share the Gospel when they were in town?  Samaritans believed because of the woman.

5:1-9 = “a feast of the Jews”  I am on my way to a feast.  Am I looking for opportunities to do as Jesus did on the way?

5:4 = “whosoever…” doesn’t sound like an electionist nor predestinationist wrote this!

5:35 = John was a burning and shining light but not the light.

6:68 =  If you aren’t going to walk with Jesus, the question is not where but to whom will you go.

John 7-8 Give me more reason to believe that Jesus looked like the average Jew in Israel.

7:10-14; 26 He was not recognizable when He was among them.  Vs 11 – even looking at Him, they did not recognize Him by His appearance. 
He was only recognized when He started “doing His thing”… teaching, speaking God’s truth.

It was what He did and how He did it.. vss. 15,40, 45

8:11 = Jesus did not condemn her.  He did caution her.

10:11= Four Old Testament Shepherds who pictured Jesus, the Good Shepherd:

  Abel – the Sacrificing Shepherd

  Jacob – the Toiling Shepherd

  Joseph – the Exalted Shepherd

  Moses – the Delivering Shepherd

  David – the Royal Shepherd

          (M. R. DeHaan; Portraits of Christ in Genesis, p. 157)

10:22 = Jesus’ last Christmas.

12:1-11 = Four types of people in every church:

          Lazarus just SAT.

          Martha served.

          Mary SACRIFICED.

          Judas SCOFFED.

And on the outside are the enemies who SCHEMED.

13:5-17 = Jesus washed their feet to get to their heart

14:16-17 = Baptism BY the Spirit: Rom 6:34 – I Cor 12:13 – Gal 3:27 

Baptism WITH the Spirit: Matthew 3:11 – Acts 1:5

14:20 = “that day”  is Pentecost.

15:1-11 = “branch in me”  This passage deals with BELIEVERS.

“fruit” is service while in fellowship.

15:6 = “cast forth” from the place of service.

15:1-11 =   Father and Son Relationship.

15:12-17 = Brother to Brother Relationship.

16:7-14 = the work of the Holy Spirit:

          7= Comfort

                   8= Convict

                             13= Guide

                                      14= Glorify

17:20 = Jesus prayed for me.

17:23 =          God loves me as much as He loves Jesus ? ! That would be unbelievable …if Jesus had not said it !

18:36-39 =  Jesus had a CAUSE.  The Jews had a CUSTOM.

20:15 = Mary wanted Jesus DEAD or ALIVE…  (Ted Albrecht)

20:22 = “breathed”  only 2 times in the Bible.  Here and Genesis 2:7


21:3 = Peter went fishing but not for men.

21:15 = “lovest thou me (not sheep) more than these (fish)?

Michael said “Because the fish will go away but Jesus won’t!”  (7/20/78)

21:25 = “Jesus did” and is still doing today.  (See Acts 1:1 “began”)

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