Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible


The emphasis in Luke is on the “SON OF MAN”. More of the human aspect of Jesus than the other Gospels.

Note the prominence of Prayer = His dependence on His Father: 3:21, 5:16; 6:12 9:16; 9:29; 10:21; 11:1; 22:17 & 19; 23:46; 24:30

Luke was a Gentile

There are references from 31 Old Testament books.

1:5 = “course” eighth of twenty four.

1:26 = Mary was “highly favored . . .blessed . . . among women” but not ABOVE women.

1:70 = Zechariah had learned the hard way that God did “as he spake”.

1:75 = I am determined to serve our Lord “all the days of our life” not just until retirement or until I get a better offer!

1:79 = Why Jesus Came:

2:1 = When Caesar said that ALL must go, V 3 = “all went” ! When Jesus says “Go”, we question, argue and just plain disobey.

2:6 = “days were accomplished” God had prepared the world for the coming of Jesus: Religiously – Hebrew : Language – Greek : Politically – Roman

2:7 = she brought forth…” Where was Joseph? I am not sure that God wants men to attend their children’s birth.

2:21 = “before he was conceived…” only seven people in the Bible who were named before their birth: Ishmael, Isaac, Solomon, Josiah, Cyrus, John, Jesus

2:36 = only two women in the Bible whose ages are told and they did not tell it, God did. But only after they had passed 80 years! Anna and Sarah.

6:46-49 = the “solid rock foundation” is obedience to the word of God.

7:44 = She did what Simon could have done but wouldn’t.

9:10-17 = the only miracle common to all four Gospels.

9:52 = “messengers before his face…” a principle of God’s operation you can trace thru the Scriptures:

Joseph into Egypt before all Israel;

Moses out of Egypt before all Israel;

Spies into the promised land;

Priest into the Jordan before the people;

Spies into Jericho;

John the Baptist before Jesus;

Disciples into town where Jesus was to go;

Missionaries into new tribes today!

“to make ready for him” This is still a missionaries’ job.

9:53 = “they did not receive him” are the saddest words in the Bible!

“because…” people always have an excuse for not receiving Jesus.

9:57-62 = The major problem was “me first”

vs 57-58 – seeking ease and comfort

vs 59-60 – interested in dead things

vs 61-62 – quitters

* * * * *

A telegram received in the War Department from a wounded combat veteran of W.W.I when World War II started: “Available. Dependable. Eexpendable.

Say where. Say when.”

* * * * *

The motto of the French Foreign Legion:

If I falter, push me on;

If I stumble, pick me up;

If I retreat, shoot me!

10:21 = “Jesus rejoiced . . .” The Only Time Mentioned In The Bible.

10:30-35 = Parable in TYPE

“certain man” typical of Adam and the human race

“priest” typical of the law

“Levite” typical of the ceremonial system

“Samaritan” typical of Jesus

“inn” typical of the Church

“two pence” typical of time of church age

see Matthew 20:2, II Peter 3:8;

Hosea 6:2 = 2,000 years?

“I come again” typical of Rapture of the Church

11:13 = had to ask for the Holy Spirit before Pentecost

13:6-9 = The owner was fruit conscious;

The worker was salary conscious.


14:15-24 – Public Announcements

14:25-35 – Help Wanted Ads

15:1-22 – Lost and Found

Three parables in the “Lost and Found Column” had some things in common:

All were recoverable (three out of four had to be searched for)

The desire to share the good news when recovery was made

15:4-7 = Sheep lost by ignorance;

8-10 = Coin lost to circulation;

11-22 = Son lost by willful waywardness;

25-32 = Son lost by selfishness and pride.

16:24 = Lazarus was known in Hell! (see Acts 19:15)

16:24-27 = in Hell, Lazarus was thinking of himself first “my tongue… I am tormented”; then others “my father’s house…”


Fact stated- Deuteronomy 32:22

Place of Torment – Luke 16:24

Place of Memory – Luke 16:25

Place of Fire – Matthew 5:22

Place of Physical bodies – Matthew 10:26

Place of Hopelessness – I Thessalonians 4:13

Place of Evil Companionships – Revelation 9:16, 20:10

Place of Eternal Lostness – Revelation 20:10, Hebrews 9:27


Who died a death like no one else in all of history?

The body did not decay?

Their name was never given?

Answer: Luke 17:32 = “Remember Lot’s Wife

Luke 19:3 = Question: Who was the tallest / shorter – Jesus or Zaccheus?

Answer: We won’t know until we get to heaven because the Bible does not say! The point is that neither could have seen the other BECAUSE of the crowd. The hindrance of a lost world not seeing Jesus, Who He really is, is still the crowd which is closest to Him. We are still our own worst enemy” when it comes to evangelizing the lost!

19:13 = “Occupy” means “business as usual”

19:15 = “trading” is the same root word as “Occupy” in verse 13

20:37 = God of Abraham – Isaac – Jacob

Abraham speaks of revelation

Isaac speaks of redemption

Jacob speaks of regeneration

See also: see note at Gen 50:24.  Also note: Ex 3:6, 6:3, Matt 8:11, 22:32, Lu 20:37, Acts 3:13, 7:32


22:3 = The only case of a person being possessed by the Devil in the Bible.

22:13-14 = It took 1,450 years to prepare this meal !

22:15 = “desire” translated “lust” in other places, (see Romans 13:14; James 4:5)

22:31-32 = “you . . .thee” – Greek is plural, literally “Y’all“. The inadequacies of speaking Yankee! 🙂 You don’t know if “you” is singular or plural.

22:51 = “How can anyone hear the Gospel if you keep cutting off their ears?!”

23:2-3 = Jesus is not a king. He is the king!

23:42 = other translations illustrate that this thief was the first person to call Him, “Jesus, Lord”

24:23 = We have an empty tomb and a full heart! -Ron Hudson

24:32 = Best kind of Heart Burn to have!

“opened to us the Scriptures” is still the missionaries job.

24:44 and 46 = “must” and “behooved” are literally the same word in Greek.


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