Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible




7:2 = 150 x 75 X 45 feet

7:26 = “2,000 baths” = 18,000 gallons

8:43 & 60 = the purpose of the Temple was WORLD EVANGELIZATION.

8:55 = this “blessing” includes the great commission of v 60

12:7 = this is good advice for any leader!

CHAPTER 13 = The message is:

WARNING! The WORD of God is incorruptible but the man of God is not!  This man of God was eaten by disobedience before he was eaten by the lion.

This is the only lion in the Bible that won except the Lion of the tribe of Judah!


          Elijah’s God – Guides, provides, hides

          God’s Elijah – Obeys, stays, prays

NOTE “God’s there”  v 4, 9,10  see Gen. 45:11, Lu. 2:6, Matt. 28:20

17:9 = Zarephath was the hometown of Jezebel!

18:2 = “fear” in the context is serving God when it is hazardous duty (see 16:35,19:2, 21:25)

Obadiah feared God more than he feared Ahab and Jezebel.

18:4 = that is sacrificial giving!

18:11 = Obadiah fully understood what he was to do, he just dreaded it.

18:22 = what happened to the other 400 listed in v 19?

18:33 = the only place they could have gotten this much water in drought time was the Mediterranean Sea

18:46 = Mt Carmel to Jezreel was approximately 17 miles.

19:3 = “when he saw that” – Elijah’s focus changed from God to Jezebel

Jezreel to Beersheba is approximately 90 miles.

19:4 = Elijah’s request to die here was not answered – and it NEVER was.

19: 4 = The most dangerous time in a Christian’s life is after a “mountain top experience”.

The only people in the Bible who committed suicide or talked about it were discouraged leaders:         

Moses – Nu. 11:15         Zimri – I Kings 16:18

Elijah – here          Job – Job 10:18 ff

Jonah – Jonah 4:8           Judas – Matt. 27:5

Philippian Jailer – Acts 16:27

19:5-15 =God’s remedy for Elijah’s discouragement was eat, sleep; rest and refreshment.  And then He gave him a bigger ministry… anoint two kings and his own successor.

19:15 = this journey was approximately 450 miles, round trip

20:40 = This servant was not incapable, ignorant or lazy.  He was busy – about the wrong thing!  American Christians seem to be faithful participants in the cult of BUSYness!

“When we give First Class attention to Third Class causes we will be defeated by Secondary successes.”

21:29 = I doubt that there is a verse in the Old Testament that more graphically illustrates the MERCY of the Lord!

22:19-23 = this passage is a doggie bone to me.

22:21 = This is not a demon spirit according to verse 19


1:4 = Am I ready to go to bed tonight and never get up?

1:4 & 16 = God’s Word never changes.  Catholic Church, Mormons, Russellites and other cults and religions have.

1:9-10 = I think the Holy Spirit had a grin on His face when He did this.

1:13 = Elijah was too hot to handle!

2:1 = Gilgal typifies of salvation

2:2 = Bethel typifies blessing

2:4 = Jericho typifies battle, victory

2:7 = Jordan typifies death

2:7 = When god does something, I want to see it but NOT from “afar off”.   That’s one reason I prefer the front seat at church!

2:11 = What do you suppose they talked about? 

  What would I be talking about if I were Elijah and knew I was on my way to heaven? 

  What would I have been talking about if I were with him and knew he was leaving?

2:17 = God’s servants wasted 3 days because they wouldn’t trust their leadership.

2:22 = These waters were still HEALED on May 1, 1968 when I drank from the spring!

3:7 = Jehoshaphat was a good king and had no business with this godless bunch!

3:10 = it was his own greed and selfishness but he blamed God.

3:11 = Elisha was just a “water boy”.  But he was God’s water boy and the water was the Word of God!

3:13 = Elisha sure was no sissy!

3:15 = for the ministry of music, see notes at Rev. 5:8.

3:20 = the water only came “by the way of” or from that direction, but NOT from Edom

4:7 = “Living on the Leftovers” – see Gen. 48:11, Is. 49:6, Jn. 6:13, Jn. 17:20

4:10 = Typical of all that God has provided for me:

Bed – to rest in Jesus     

Table – provides all my needs

Stool – so that I will sit at the feet of Jesus     

Candlestick – the light of the Word of God

4:20 = This is one of the greatest manifestations of faith in the Old Testament!

4:21  = “on the bed” Woman would not let Elijah rest until he met this need.

5:1-14 = emphasis on the role of the servant

note seven UNNAMED people who helped Naaman:

          v 2 -little maid

          v 3 -mistress

          v4 – unnamed servant who took the word

          v5 -king of Syria

          v7 -king of Israel

          v8 -Elisha’s messenger

          v13 – Naaman’s servants

“True greatness is to work un-noticed, to serve unseen!”     . . . anonymous

6:25 = “40 pieces of silver” equals about 10 months pay

          “5 pieces of silver” equals about 3 weeks pay

12:6-8 = priests were too lazy to do their own but hired servants to do it.

13:19 = What haunting words “Thou shouldest have…”  By God’s grace, what I should do I will do!

19:3 = BLASPHEMY, according to the context of this passage is (v4) to reproach the living God by declaring that He is not able to do what He says (18:30).

19:15 & 19 = “all the kingdoms of the earth” –


22:19 =  “Because thy heart was tender and thou has humbled thyself before the Lord”   I can think of nothing I would rather be said of my life!

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