Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible



419 references and quotations from Isaiah in 23 books of the New Testament.

6:9 = “how long” will I serve Him? Short term? Until retirement? Until it gets too tough?

8:21 = “look upward” – there is nothing in this world or its system to bring hope. Only in looking UP to Jesus!

14:12 = “Lucifer” means, “light bearer”

14:13-14 = First recorded word from the mouth of Satan = “I...

not only is Satan a liar (John 8:44), He is so convincing at it that he has convinced himself. He still thinks he is going to win.

24:16 = There is still a lot of lip service to God today but very little holiness!

24:17 = the heathen are lost!

24:19 = “broken down” means disoriented.

“Dissolved” means loosened

33:17 = “if more Christians were really abiding in Christ there would be fewer Christians abiding in America!

There is no sense in talking to anyone about foreign missions until they see “the KING in His beauty”!

33:18 = the natural response to the first notion of foreign missions.

33:19 = great promise of victory in language learning.

34:1 = The whole world was on God’s heart!

40:3 = The only thing a wilderness needs is water to become fertile. The only thing the heathen need to become fruitful is the Water of Life!

40:16 = But Jesus is!

40:22 = How did Isaiah know that the earth was ROUND? Another evidence of inspiration.

47:13 = Even if the horoscopes and psychics could see the future, they can’t deliver us from it!

49:6 = the most meaningful verse in the Old Testament about Israel’s purpose, history and coming Messiah!

CHAPTER 53 = Suffering:

v 1-3 –Fact stated

v 4-6 –meaning = substitute

v 7-9 –manner = patiently

v 10-12 — victory = salvation

53:12 = Jesus shared what God gave Him… see John 17

54:2 = William Carey’s text for “Attempt Great Things For God, Expect Great Things From God”

54:5 = The whole world was on God’s heart!

55:2 = What are you living for?

Pilate – the crowd

Lot’s wife – the crumbs

Rich Young Ruler – the coins

Paul – the Christ

Jesus – the Cross

62:2 = The whole world was on God’s heart!

66:9 = the verse God gave Harriet when she was waiting for Kristie who was 17 days “late”. Nov. ’73


13:2,5 = “So I got…. so I went” God wanted action not just “to see if he was willing”.

13:10 = Girdle is only good for one thing – when marred it is good for nothing!

13:19 = The whole world was on God’s heart!

27:7 and 29:18 = note the difference in “all nations” of these verses. Defined by the contexts.

28:16-17 = Hananiah died within 2 months!

CHAPTER 30 is a different restoration than 29:10

31:10 = The whole world was on God’s heart!

31:37 = Even modern technology of the space age continues to fail at this point.

33:6 = “cure” – the Hebrew word is “healing”

33:22-24 = the two groups in verse 22 are tribal groups. The word used to describe them in verse 24 is “families”. Compare this to Genesis 12:3.



CHAPTER 1 is a picture of heathen darkness!

verse 2 = no comfort     

verse 3 = no rest, no freedom,

verse 4 = no joy   

verse 6 = no strength, no beauty                

verse 7 = no pleasure, no help

verse 8 = no love, no sympathy

2:17 = God WILL and DOES fulfill His prophecies.



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