Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible



1:1 = Moses is dead but God is not!

1:2 = God’s work is not ended when His servant dies.

1:8 = The only time in the Bible that the word “success” is found.

1:9 = Be Strong – because he was weak

Be Courageous – because he was timid

Be Not Afraid – because he was scared

Be Not Dismayed — because he could be easily discouraged.

3:1-4 = The reason for sending the Ark of the Covenant 1,000 yards ahead: In it was the WORD of the law. If you are going to go into new territory (v4) you must be led by the WORD.

3:9-10 = the “hereby” of verse 10 is “the words of the Lord” of verse 9.

3:11 & 13 = “lord of all the earth” – The whole world is on God’s heart.

4:10 = FINISHED — GOD puts a big premium on finishing a task.

Gen 2:1, Ex. 40:33, I Ki. 6:10-11, 9:1, Neh. 6:15,

Zech. 4:9, Jn. 4:34, 19:30, 2 Tim. 4:6-8, Col.1:17




DO IT WELL OR NOT AT ALL.” -anonymous

4:19 = This is the first one of Joshua’s rock piles.

see also 7:26, 8:29, 10:27, 24:26

5:11 = Passover taken for only the 3rd time in 40 years.

5:13-15 = Joshua was conquered by the Lord before he could be the conqueror.

5:14 = the “captain” was Jesus. Angels do not receive worship.

Joshua was asking, not telling. This is unconditional surrender.

5:15 = Then what? Did God do something too personal and too private for Joshua to share? He still does sometimes.

6:4 = RAM’S HORN was used for call to worship.

TRUMPETS were used for call to war.

6:26 = this was fulfilled in I Kings 16:34

7:1 = God had just warned them against this in 6:18.

9:24 = They believed God’s word even hearing it 2nd and 3rd hand.

10:6 = Still the call from heathen darkness!

Slack not…


Save us…

Help us…

10:13 = A type of the waiting Rapture? God delaying until His servants finish what He has given them to do. See James 5:7

The Crow Indians of the USA had a story much like this in their legends!

14:11 = Because Caleb relied on God’s strength and not his own. And God’s strength has not changed to this day!

14:12 =

>Particular Mountain – Nu. 13, Mk. 10:17,

Lu. 10:42, Phil. 3:13

>Promised Mountain – Mk. 16:17-18, Rom. 12:3-6, I Cor. 12:1-11

>Problem Mountain – Heb. 12:1, pride, unbelief, habits, company

>Possessed Mountain – Josh. 15:13

23:13 = see Psalm 106:36ff

24:15-25 = serving God means separation FROM and separation UNTO.




1:4 = “Bezek” means “scattering”

2:10 = “God has no grandchildren”. We are always just one generation from being a totally heathen world!

3:2 = “…to give opportunity to the youth of Israel to exercise faith and obedience.” Living Bible

3:16 = the Word of God is a “two edged dagger” Hb. 4:12

4:2 = Jabin means “God perceives”

4:3 = Why do I call on the Lord? Is it only in times of trouble? When I can’t handle it myself?

4:8 = “IF” – Barak would not serve God unless the woman went with him. What is your “IF”?

5:2-23 = Deborah sang of the people who helped against the Lord’s enemies. They are typical of the kinds of folks found in the Lord’s army today:

2, 9 & 20 – volunteers, willingly served

14 – Ephraim, only a token force

14 – Machir, leaders, foremen

14 – Zebulun, clerks and secretaries

15-16 Reuben, fearful and doubters, cowards hiding from the fight

18 – Zebulun and Naphtali, risked their lives, dangerous places

23 – Meroz, only time mentioned, refused to help in the Lord’s fight, they were the do-nothings

6:14 = “Go in this thy might…” Gideon’s might was (v12) “the Lord is with thee” and (v16) “I will be with thee”

GIDEON was Fearless – v3

Fervent – 5-7, Neh. 2:10

Fit – 16, 2 Tim. 3:17

had Faithful Followers – 17-21, 2 Tim. 2:2

Fighter – 23-25, 1 Tim. 1:18

Finished – 8:28, 2 Tim. 4:7

6:24 = JEHOVAH-SHALOM means “God is peace” This is on the meetinghouse of the Maquitare people in the village of Acanana, in Venezuela. FEB, 1995

6:32 = “Jerubbaal” means “let Baal take care of himself” – Living Bible

6:35 = FAITH


7:5 = “down upon his knees to drink” TOOK UNNECESSARY TIME TO DO THE NECESSARY THINGS.

10:3-5 = Prosperity Without Purpose

Affluence Without Influence

Prestige Without Power

chapters 13 – 16 The story of Samson, “A HE man with a SHE problem!

15:14-20 = JAWBONE was: Discarded, Unusual, Foolish God still uses people who fit these qualifications!

Available – Effective – Dependable – Disposable

16:21-22 = Sin is: Blinding – Binding – Grinding

20:16 = describes one who naturally prefers to use left hand OR one who is disabled in the right hand.

All the left-handed people in the Bible are from the tribe of Benjamin (meaning “son of my right hand”) Ju. 3:15,

I Chron. 12:2

21:25 = characteristics of the old nature:

Self-centered Self-conscious Never satisfied


The THEME of the Book of Ruth: The Grace of God as illustrated thru the Kinsman-Redeemer.

The Book of Ruth is

A love story without using the word ‘love’.

The story of a prodigal family who went to the far country.

The only example of the law of the kinsman-redeemer in action.

Shows how other laws of the Mosaic system operated.

Furnishes the link between the tribe of Judah and David. The genealogy at the end of the book becomes a most important document.

A beautiful picture of Christ and His church.

(J. Vernon McGee)

The Book of Ruth is read at the Jewish Feast of Pentecost.

CHAPTER 1 is the picture of a backslider.

1:1 = “sojourn” means “dwell temporarily’ but note the consequences of his choice:

Died in a pagan land

Sons married pagan women

Sons both died in pagan land

Wife became a bitter old woman

1:13 = Naomi blames God

1:15 = tells her daughters-in-law to go back to their gods, literally ‘Go to hell’

1:16 = there has to be something about Naomi that Ruth saw that I sure don’t. Why anyone would want to go with this bitter old woman is beyond me! Must be just God’s grace.

1:18 = “steadfastly minded” describes a mental attitude, means ‘hardened, obstinate’

4:17 = “Obed” means ‘servant’





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