Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible


In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is presented as a SERVANT. Therefore there are more of the works of Jesus recorded than parables or preaching.

The work “straitway” and “immediately” are used 36 times.

NOTE the importance of the hands of Jesus in Mark.

Mark does not call Jesus “Lord” until after the resurrection.

The only Gospel that tells us what Jesus “could not” do: 1:45, 3:20, 6:5, and 7:24

Mark was half Jew – half Gentile.

There are references from 24 Old Testament books.


1:20 = “hired servants” can mend nets and do the secular work. Lord, take my Michael, Julieann and Kristie to serve you! (do what only a Christian can do)” dated 11/16/78

Zebedee probably had a hard time with his sons taking off to follow an itinerant preacher with nowhere to live and no promise of livelihood. But I bet he is not sorry NOW that they did it!

5:2 = “unclean spirit” we don’t see sin today as dirty and evil. Instead, it is glamorized.

Possessed man dirty, unrestrained, loud, destructive, restless and living among the dead- characteristics of the old carnal nature.

5:3 = “no man could bind him” but Satan did!

5:5 = “cutting himself” sin often leaves scars that survive even the new birth.

5:9 = “legion” of Roman army was made up of 6,000 men.

5:10 = “not send them away out of the country” sounds like a lot of Christians today!

5:11 = The Devil’s Second Choice is a Hog!

5:13 = committed “Hog-aside” or “sooouee-side” -first case of “deviled ham”!

5:17 = this town traded heaven for hogs -*- paradise for pigs!

One demon can torment a man, terrorize a town and chase a whole herd of pigs


One Jesus can liberate a man, bring joy to a whole city and chase a whole herd of demons

5:35-36 = Jesus was busy helping with the woman who had touched His robe –BUT He overheard what the servants said to Jairus. And He is never to preoccupied to hear my conversations!

Jairus was still close enough to Jesus to get an assuring word of hope. I want to stay that close!

Jairus daughter died because Jesus was delayed by the crowds. Lazarus died because Jesus deliberately delayed.

Thousands of tribal people are dying because we are delayed in getting the Gospel to them. Either way, they die. But I would hate to face my judgment knowing that I had deliberately delay getting the message to them!

6:6 = Jesus “marveled” (to wonder;)

The only two occasions that Jesus expressed this kind of wonder, both had to do with faith: Matthew 8:10 at how much faith the centurion had and here where He wondered how little faith those in His own home town. Does He marvel at my faith?

6:34 = Martin Luther used this verse to justify his lengthy sermons!

818 = “God will not only hold us accountable for what we hear but what we would have heard if we would have paid attention.” – Dick Mercado

8:36 = Emperor Charlemagne was buried with his finger on this verse.

10:35-40 = We are saved to serve – not to sit!

11:22 = Hudson Taylor’s “life verse”

11:23 = is the PROMISE 11:25 = is the CONDITION

12:44 = the woman was still financially poor after she gave – but JESUS noticed!

What was her name?

13:9 = “take heed to yourselves not watch out for these sings; write books about them, study the signs nor hold seminars and conferences on the signs.

13:10 = the WORLD was on Jesus heart in every context!

13:19 = Jesus was not an evolutionist.

14:9 = the WORLD was on Jesus heart in every context!

16:9-20 = A note in the margin of most modern translations reads:

“The most reliable early manuscripts do not have Mark 16:9-20” How reliable can they be if they leave out half a chapter of God’s Word ? ? ?

16:15 = this great command does not leave us to ask IF – just WHERE?

16:17 = “new “ – another of the same kind

“tongues” – Greek word is “glossa” – language

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