Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible



“Psalms of David” = belonging to as the author or owner = ascribed to by others = related to David’s experiences

Words used: Praise = 182 times

Thanks/ thanksgiving = 31 times

mercy = 117 times

Lovingkindness = 21 times

Quoted 414 times in the New Testament

Psalms of Penance: 32; 38; 51;103

1:1 = note progression: walks, stands then sits. Therefore KEEP ON WALKING WITH THE LORD!

Sinners = rebellious

Scoffers = hardened rebels

1:2 = “Delight” is an outward expression of an inner feeling.

1:4 = “Chaff” is unable to stand under stress.

2:6 = “set” is established, firm and secure

2:7 = “This day” = the resurrection

8:1 = “Jehovah” is His name

“Lord” is His title

“thy name” speaks of His character

8:2 = “mouth of babes”

Matt. 19:13 ‘of such is the kingdom”

2 Cor. 12:9 ‘strength made perfect in weakness’

1 Sam. 17 – David made himself weak in dealing with Saul and God made him strong among the people.

8:4 = “man” refers to mortal man

“son of man” refers to mankind

PSALM 15 = C. T. Studd called this “The Gentleman’s Psalm”

18:43-44 = Messianic verses

18:49 = the verse I claimed on my first trip to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, June 1980

19:1-2 = but they do not declare the Gospel


1-10 = Sonship

11-21 = Cross

22 = Resurrection


v 1- “I shall not want…” for:

v 2 – Rest Refreshment

v 3 – Forgiveness / Leadership

v4 – Companionship / Comfort

v5 – Sustenance / Joy / Sufficiency

v6 – Goodness / Mercy / anything in this life

v6 – anything in the life to come


23:2 = sheep will not lie down if he is hungry, thirsty or afraid

PSALM 29 = God’s voice in the flood of Noah

V10 – the only time this Hebrew word is used is here and in Genesis 6-9

PSALM 31 = Chuck Swindoll entitles this Psalm “When you have made a mistake”.

31:24 = since my only hope is in the Lord, I can claim this promise!

32:1-2 = process of complete forgiveness and restoration

32:3 = “When I kept silence (about my sin)…


Until the ACLU, Georgia state law required a chapter of the Bible be read and the Lord’s Prayer recited in every classroom each day.

33:13 = Promises me that God watches my son Michael

PSALM 34 = This is the Psalm God spoke peace, comfort and assurance to me in when Harriet was in emergency surgery at the point of death following the birth of Kristie Lois Gordy, November 17, 1973

37:23-24 = Steps, Stops and Stumbles

40:1-3 = A 6-to-1 return- That’s a good deal on any investment!

45:7 = God’s Anointing

Cause – “lovest…hatest..”

Nature – God’s anointing

Measure – “above thy fellows”.

51:4 = ‘thee only” or ‘in particular or primarily’

56:8 = Tiny bottles for catching and keeping tears of a loved one were common in ancient world. I saw these in a museum in Kavalla, Greece in 1968

PSALM 67 = There is missions in every verse of this Psalm

v 1 = plea or petition

vs 2-4 = the purpose (verse 2 “that”)

vs 5-7 = the result

PSALM 77 = Depression:

>Cause – vs. 2-3, 6

>Curse – vs. 3-5

>Cure – vs. 10 -13

PSALM 78 = An illustration from Israel’s history that good times materially and physically were, and still are the most dangerous times spiritually.

“We can stand anything but prosperity!”

78:19 = He did for us in jungle camp, Jersey Shore, PA in 1972 and the assurance that He can do it even to the uttermost part of the earth!

81:16 = some of the sweetest times with God come from and during the hardest times.

83:2-8 = still the attitude of the Arab world towards Israel

PSALM 90 = “in the monotony of life”

PSALM 91 = “God is our refuge…” because we are refugees in spite of the fact that we act like squatters in this world.

PSALM 96 “The glory DUE unto His name”

The greatest motivation for missions is that God DESERVES glory, praise and honor from every person in every tribe, language and nation on earth!

100:3-4 = “We are . . . sheep of his pasture; Enter into his gates with thanksgiving…his courts with praise” The only time sheep were to enter the temple was to be sacrificed!

PSALM 101 = A Psalm, not just “decision” but of determination.

102:3, 11 = the brevity of Life. See also 103:15, 89:47, 90:12

103:5 = food tastes good just because God loves me! He could have it all taste the same.

103:7 = I must trust God even when I can’t trace Him. Only the people of Israel knew His acts but He made His ways known to Moses.

103:20-21 = the angels set a good example for us.

105:7-8 = Pharaoh put Joseph’s feet in iron but God put iron in his will.

101:1 = the most often cited verse in the New Testament – 18 times.

PSALM 117 = Middle chapter in the Bible

Shortest chapter in the Bible

118:8 = Middle verse of the Bible

PSALM 119 = only 4 verses in this longest chapter in the Bible do not make mention of the Word of God.

“Thy Word” appears 39 times in this chapter.

PSALM 125 = the greatest promise of security in the Old Testament.

127:3 = “heritage” Heb. = property. They are not a gift. They are still God’s with strings attached.

v4 = effectiveness of the arrow depends on the bow!

v5 = “quiver” in their proper place

PSALM 133 = Psalm of fellowship. There is no provision for the flesh in fellowship

– See Ex. 30:30

143:6 = you are a product of your priorities!


CHAPTERS 1-3 = admonition to get wisdom which only comes from God’s Word.

3:27 = the gospel is good. Don’t withhold it!

4:10 = possible translation “the years of thy life shall increase in usefulness”.

6:7 = as “self starter”

11:30 = “winneth” Heb. “take, receive, accept”

13:24 = ‘betimes’ – speedily or early

21:9 = or with ME if I’m brawling

22:6 = “train” – dedicate or discipline

22:15 = “foolishness” -waywardness


5:1 = “fools” – self confident person

 5:1-7 = “Sacrifice of fools” in the context is:

          vs 2-3 multitude of words

          v   3 too much busyness

v   4 not keeping your word, paying your vows


5:3 & 7 = the dream becomes a nightmare when I get too busy to stop, look and listen!

“When we give First Class attention to Third Class causes we will be defeated by Secondary successes!”

 7:28 = the preacher is speaking here of finding a wise man.  Said he had found one man in a thousand who is wise but he never found a wise woman.  He never met my Harriet! or he cold not have said that.

 8:8 = “There is no discharge in (time of) war”.  There are only DEAD or DESERTERS.

 9:14-15 = type “little city” – the world

                       “Great king” – Satan

                     “Poor wise man” – Jesus

 11:5 =        “knowest not… how the bones do grow in the womb… even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all.”  I can not really understand HOW a tiny seed can fall on the ground, sprout, put down roots that seek out nutrients, that feed it into becoming a fruit producing tree!  How can I our any man, understand HOW God could create the world out of nothing or make a new creation out of an old sinner! 


Verses 1-5 speaks of death by natural causes

Verse  6       speaks of death by accident

Verse  3 =   keepers of the house is ARMS

look out the windows are the EYES

Verse  4=    doors are the lips                                      

rise up speaks of poor SLEEP                                

daughters of music is the hearing

Verse  5=    afraid of heights

                   strong men are the LEGS

                   long home is the GRAVE

                   grinders is the TEETH

Verse  6=    silver cord is the SPINE

                   golden bowl is the SKULL

                   pitcher at the fountain is the HEART

                   wheel at the cistern is the LUNGS

 Verses 9-14 = Although Solomon does not say it, I get the message that he “has been young and now he is old” – So it is a “senior saint” who is is the preacher in this passage and he is giving both his testimony and his advice.  Even though he may not be able to preach orally, he can still preach with writing. 

          (note how many times in 2 or 3 verses he mentions ‘words’ – ‘written’ – ‘books’)

                   “of making many books there is no end”  I need to take this personally and preach  thru the written word!  


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