Notes From an old Preacher’s Bible


“God did not save us to be sensational – just servants.” –David Jeremiah

“Servanthood is written in the DNA of a Christian.” –Michael Young

What we are expecting at the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus, the Jews were expecting of their Messiah at His first. – unknown

“God will not only hold us accountable for what we hear but what we would have heard if we would have paid attention.” – Dick Mercado

“When we give First Class attention to Third Class causes we will be defeated by Secondary successes.” – unknown

Five years from now, the only thing that will have made a difference in me from what I am now is >The people I meet >The books I read -Scott Steelman

“Great Christians demonstrate great love by great giving!” Mike Young

There are no disappointments to those who will is buried in the will of God! -F. W. FABER

EVERY morning compose your soul for a tranquil day, and all through it be careful often to recall your resolution.” Francis De Sales

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